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First Impressions Of Business Website Designs

It takes only a tenth of a second for people to form the first impression about anything; character or object. The same is true about their opinion on websites. The first impression of a website will often form a subjective opinion of your business. There are various elements on a website that influence a person. 

Web Site Influencers

These include advertisements, load time, color, logo, error messages, typography, layout, reputation of the company or brand, user experience, images, clarity of purpose, quality of content and tone among others. These elements should aways put you or your business in a positive light. Avoid using advertisements in your website because they are usually a put off. All the others should be accentuated

Several studies have been done about several factors and how they are correlated to web designing and findings were as follows:

Eye tracking research identifies key elements key elements

An awesome first impression leads to prolonged visit duration

A research study that has monitored the eye movements of students as they scan the web pages states that it takes 2.6 seconds for eyes to, access specific website areas that influence their first impression. Specific sectors of the page like the logo, menu, social media and image icons that have good impressions make the participants stay longer on the page.

•    Most web users have their interests drawn from the following sections

•    The Search box, here users get focused for over 6 seconds

•    The institution’s logo. Has users spending 6.49 seconds before proceeding on.

•    The site’s major image, users are fixed for 5.93 seconds

•    The main navigation menu. Has subscribers focused for approximately 6.43 seconds.

•    The written content. Users take 5.58 seconds

•    The website bottom, Users spend approximately 5.25 seconds.

•    Web Users form opinions on designs within 17 ms

Google recently affirmed the 50ms number from their research. The study noted that some opinions develop within 17ms. Key findings from their research state that websites with high prototypically and low visual complexity are taken as highly appealing. The key note here is that your web design should be familiar and simple.

Inspiration drives better first impression

In case you are selling a dream, like an idea of a holiday to Dubai, an inspiring photography is the main creator of first impression.

A research about the role of first impressions in tourism web pages discovered that inspiration-related elements have the greatest effect on the formation of first-impression. To make people stay longer on your webpage, you have to apply a visual appealing stimulant to convert more clients.

First impressions are 93% design related

Good designs gets clients to trust and stick around. What creates mistrust and make clients quit is poor design.

Consumers pay lots of attention to the superficial components of a site, like visual cues, over its content. For instance, about half of all consumers (46%) of a study assessed the reliability of the sites based on the attraction of the total visual design of the site, including typography, front, layout, color schemes and front size.

Positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction

Negative first impression decreases the overall satisfaction with your website. A test experiment conducted to study the results of product anticipations on the ratings of subjective usability test, as the control group read nothing. The revelations of the study showed a strong positive expectations on subjective post-study ratings. Those who had read positive review gave the device astoundingly better post-study ratings than those of the no-prime and negative-prime groups.

First Impressions can last for years

The key point here is that if the web first impression is negative, it may cause the subscriber to have prejudice against you for years.

Visual appeal is significant that user perception usability

The user perceptions of a low website appeal are not significantly influenced by the usability of the site even after a good experience with the website.

The most important point here is that one should invest in website design. It is the most significant factor that pulls in subscribers.


Visual appeal is too significant when designing websites. It increases traffic and consequently boosts returns.

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