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Web Flux is excited to announce our Digital Out Reach program.   DOR  provides local non-profit organizations that have an out of date website design or one that isn't mobile friendly, with the necessary technology and support that will help sustain thier online operations far into the future.  

The program also includes opportunity for young adults or inspiring individuals that are involved in such non-profits to have their own website hosted on a professional platform, with all the necessary softwares needed to develop thier own online identity.  

​Why we are offering the program

Web Flux Marketing and our values encompass the idea of operating for the better good while being able to provide opportunity for others.  So by using our skill-set and resources we hope to play an active roll in the development of our own community by helping non-profit organizations that need assistance or individuals in those organizations that aspire to learn more about Web Design but lacked the resources to do so.

If your a non-profit or your an individual who is interested in entrepreneurship of any kind or specifically web design,  we want to work with you.  We will provide a website installation that has all the same tools we use  and softwares needed to effectively establish your self on the web.  

What are the goals of DOR

It is our goal to to help  non-profits improve their online identity by providing an aesthetically pleasing website design while adding any necessary tools that will assist them in communicating thier message or services to prospective audiences.  

It is also our goal to provide young adults with an outlet for expression or be a supporting factor in thier endeavors by providing a platform that will be used to publish digital content or support them in the pursuit of entrepreneurship. 

Does the program have any cost associated 

As much as we would like to provide these services at no cost , we do have to set a minim operational cost for each project.  This enables us to effectively provide the service while still being charitable.  

Non-Profits Cost:
Web Flux is providing complete redesign of your current website for a discount hourly rate of $20 per hour
 (Normal Average Web Design Cost = $45 per hour).   Since we are doing only a redesign of your website the time line on development is significantly reduced.  It is our goal to convert your current website in as few hours as possible costing you less.   Smaller website will have shorter time lines as larger websites will have longer timelines.  

Young Adults or Individual Cost:
The cost for young adults or inspiring individuals is $50 annually.  This provides them unlimited access to their web platform with over $300 of software value.  Any special software feature request will be submitted and approved on a case by case basis.  Otherwise websites will operate with the standard softwares provided at initial setup. 

Provided training

We are still looking for a free or low cost venue that offers wifi and computer access to be able to put on web design workshops.   Once we have established a viable location we plan to host 3 two hour workshops that will effectively provide enough information about the softwares to enable you to to easily maintain or build your website with no assistance needed.   

If no venue can be secured then instruction will take place via you tube videos. 

Interested Parties

If your an interested individual or organization please fill out the form below and a Web Flux member will contact you with further details.  

Do you have something to say?  Leave a comment below.

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