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Color Pickers: Making the process of web design hassle free

Whether your a professional graphic artist, website designer, or just a small business who activly managers their own website, there are usually  a lot of tools needed for the process.  In this episode of web-design tools we are going to highlight a color picking app that  has become very handy in our own design processes. 

Are you utilizing your google chrome app store

Well if our not your should shop around.  The google app store is filled with a tun of free app's and tools that help with all different types web development processes.  This is exactly where we picked up our handy little color picker


If you've ever done any substantial amount of design work or care about making sure your #value color codes match up and correlate across our site you know what a pain it can be to jump between programs doing color drop look ups. 

This is exactly what we were doing before discovernig the handy tool.  We wold jump between our website and Pixlr.com (Another great FREE graphic design tool) taking screen shots and then opening and looking them up in pixlr.  Needless to say this process became cumbersome real fast. 

​Whats so great about this color picker?

While there are many different option you could choose from when looking for this design tool we like this one for three primay factors. 

  1.  While you can install it one your Mac you can also add it as and extension on your chrome browser.  Since we do most of our web design work in chrome this was nice.
  2. The color picker provides a nice pixulated explosion pop up of the area your testing, this was handy for getting precice in our drops. 
  3. Lastly it was super quick and easy to use.  Three click of the mouse and we had our # value color code.

Bottom line if your looking to for a handy color picker that can scale across the web this one is a great option.   No need to scour the web looking for another options.  We landed on this one and will stick with it. 

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