SEO Friendly Blogs

Why it's so important for a Michigan Business to have a search engine optimized blog.

Producing search engine optimized blog post are absolutely necessary.  IF you're not performing SEO on your blog post then you're seriously devaluing your efforts.  Crafting a creative blog that is compelling enough for a reader to read, share or bookmark is not an easy task.  Don't waste your time crafting the perfect blog post to later have it hold no weight in the SERP's. 

If you're using a Silo Based SEO Web Design there is one thing to remember when linking your blog posting.  Always link to your search term Silo.  Google recognizes this as an inbound link which boost the authority of that Silo architecture.  By linking out from the silo your passing authority off to a less important blog post page. 

If you dont have the time or skill set to craft a search engine optimized blog Web Flux partners with over 5 Thousand content writers, which means we can handle any business blog or web page copy.  In addition to creating high quality content we keep your blog fully optimized with all the on page SEO strategies. 

With writers localized to your state we ​ provide a personal touch when you need content that is relevant to your business local happenings.

We specialize in the following fields. Where do you fit in?​

  • Travel & Life Style
  • Leagal
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Finance/Business/Real Estate
  • Tech & Internet
  • Sports, Gaming, Fitness
  • Entertainment 
  • Government/Non-Profit
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