The importance of On Page SEO and its effect on Silo Architecture. 

 On Page SEO areas are  the building blocks to your Silo based architecture.  Without properly optimized images, title tags, and the many other per page components the relevancy of your Silo will collapse and reflect poorly on your Michigan business and its  search engine rankings.  

When performing on page seo it's important to cover the light bulb points you will find to the right.   One should also understand that these areas of the optimization process  require more than generic labels, title tags or content  in order to be effective.  

Every sections of your on page seo should should hold some purpose in the overall goal of the search engine optimization process. 

As previously stated, your on page SEO should coincide with the objectives of your silo based SEO Web Design.  Let's say for example you have a silo theme  of  (Your City) Dry Cleaning Services.   

  • Title Tags and Head Lines
  • Image Files and Alt Tags
  • Content Key Words/ Anchor Text
  • Meta Discription
  • Page URL
  • Google Map Embed

 On Page SEO and its Url Structure has major effects on Michigan Businesses SEO.

Your website url structure is the most important part of on page seo as it holds the most authority in describing what your web page is about.  This authority should be considered when selecting a URL that is rich with your search term phrase.  Also, if you're targeting a certain geographical area it's important to include that as well.  

Using the dry cleaning services as an example.  This would be a poorly constructed URL .  First of all you should never use underscores as google doesn't recognize them as spaces, always use hyphens - .   Second, your Silo theme is to target the search term (dry cleaning services), so dont use company.  Thirdly, the use of (in,to,at or,of) any transition type words are considered stop words and Search engines do not like them.   Be sure to exclude them within your URL.  Lastly, if you're targeting customers in a specific area not the entire state of michigan.  

On Page SEO

A proper URL would look similar to this. .   A child page would then look like this: services/.  To understand more about Silo's you should reference SEO Web Design

​Title Tags/ Headlines

​Image Files and Alt  Tags

Content Key Words

Meta Discription

Google Maps Embed