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As a Michigan-based SEO Company  Web Flux applies the highest level of industry  standards when executing effective search engine optimization services.

Working with Michigan business we stress the importance of SEO and the supportive
 role it will play within  your internet marketing strategy.  More importantly we discuss why it is a   key factor  in becoming listed on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

It's a fact that 90% of users will not look past the first page  of search results, which is why its is so critical to set your website search engine optimization up for success.  

By deploying multi channel, content driven SEO services, that are Geo Specific to your service area,  we help business touch on all the hot points that Search Engines consider when ranking your website for Local SEO  and organic search engine results.

SEO Services Michigan
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing 

Organic Search Engine Marketing has proven to be the most important part in achieving internet marketing success for all Michigan business.   Accomplished through a combination of SEO services.  Our SEM optimization will provide for a long term cost effective solution for driving more organic  traffic to your website which ultimately turns into more phone calls, more door turns and increased sales. 

  • Content Writing Optimization

Producing high quality content is a key component in how well your website will perform in the search engines.   Teaming with local Michigan writers we deliver optimized blog content for your business that is both engaging and industry specific.  We also offer Internet Marketing Consultant Services where we help optimize your current website literature in a way that is more search engine friendly.

  • SEO Website Design

SEO web design will take your online presence to another level.  Diving into the core structure of how your web pages are linked together we create a search term rich architecture, that will scream for the attention of Google when ranking your site.

Search engines rank  websites that are well organized and keyword rich.  This is why our optimization process involves theme based silo's which will  provide for deep levels of relevant content in relation to search term queries. 

  • Facebook PPC Advertising | Retargeting

With over a billion users on Facebook and other popular networks we have the ability to target advertising efforts within specific Michigan markets,  while filtering for unique demographics,  and increasing your ROI by  using   Pay-Per-Click  budgeting.  

Our Social Media Advertising will establish you as  friendly source of high quality information for both new and returning customers alike.  By  cultivating messages that distinguish your business as industry experts we will help you build brand awareness. 

  • Adwords PPC & Conversion Tracking

Google Adwords is a great addition  to your internet marketing agenda.  Adwords provides 100% control over both monthly and daily  budgets.  So you never end up with a surprise bill.   A couple more great features is the ability to fine tune and select exactly what search terms you want your ad to display for.  We can filter by key word, geographic location, and much more.   If it couldn't get any better, we can also set up conversion tracking for you ads.  This means that no matter if your customer fills out a form, calls you directly from the ad, or dials/clicks you phone number from the website,  we track if they converted after the fact. 

  • Internet Marketing Consultant Services

Broken up into six 2 hour sessions we  guide you through a number of internet marketing processes.  Providing you with our  search engine marketing analysis we develop a comprehensive and intuitive marketing solution for  your business.   Reporting back to you with all of our findings we then move forward with recommendation and instructional direction with what should be done to better optimize  the marketing of your Michigan business website.  Provided with extended support and an aggregate of reference material our Internet Marketing Consultant program is build for the do it yourselfers.  

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