• Adwords Management | Conversion Tracking 

Google Adwords is a great addition to your internet marketing agenda. Adwords provides 100% control over both monthly and daily budgets. So you never end up with a surprise bill. A couple more great features is the ability to fine tune and select exactly what search terms you want your ad to display for. We can filter by key word, geographic location, and much more. If it couldn't get any better, we can also set up conversion tracking for you ads. This means that no matter if your customer fills out a form, calls you directly from the ad, or dials/clicks you phone number from the website, we track if they converted after the fact.

  • Facebook PPC Advertising | Retargeting

With over a billion users on Facebook and other popular networks we have the ability to target advertising efforts within specific Michigan markets, while filtering for unique demographics, and increasing your ROI by using Pay-Per-Click budgeting.

Our Social Media Advertising will establish you as friendly source of high quality information for both new and returning customers alike. By cultivating messages that distinguish your business as industry experts we will help you build brand awareness.

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