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We use a proven IDX software for increasing customer engagement and referrals. 

Free Life Time Updates!

We believe that a company should invest in their clients success.  Thats why every time WebFlux releases a new custom feature or website template you get it for FREE, no purchase necessary. 

Real Estate Websites

Our real estate website design offers a robust set of marketing tools and advanced virtual slideshows for showcasing your most desirable properties. We have also paired these websites with a premium IDX software by ihomefinder and our effective SEO web structure. These components ensure that real estate agents/brokers will better serve their clients and stand out from competitors. 

Custom Designs

There is a lot to be said about first impressions. It is very important that a client's first encounter with your website leaves an outstanding impact. This may be your only opportunity to capture contact information, potentially gaining a client. Each of our websites are handcrafted to provide a personal experience that first time visitors will value, trust, and resonate with.

Facebook Remarketing

Keep your brand Top Of Mind with Targeted Remarketing. This marketing tool will trigger advertisements to only the people who visit your website or view specific property pages. We can help you set up all the proper javascript needed to get up and running with highly targeted social media advertising. This is included in our monthly service plan.

Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Managment

Keep Clients Informed With Email Alerts 

Be More Assertive With Text Notifications

Built in Drip Email Marketing

Gain Hyper Insight With Lead "Search Data"

CRM Included or Get Integrated 

Multi Agent Supported Showing Request 

Powerful Property Search Functions 

Allow Clients to Save Search Favorites 

Gain Hyper Local Insight With Live Market Reports

Geo Specific Open House Listing Feed 

Easy Listing Updates With Direct MLS Access

5 Different Search Options Clients Will Love

Dedicated Support Services

With dedicated support services you can rest assured that your clients IDX experience is always delivered at the highest possible standards and reflects a professional brand image that is superior to others. 

Give Virtual Tours With Hot Spots & 360 Degree Video

Showcase properties in a unique way using little white dots known as Hotspots.  With the right information, Hotspots can be used to strengthen a property's appeal to the buyer’s logical and emotional based purchasing behaviors.

By highlighting all the unique details that would not normally be listed in a standard property information report, you can prolong the time spent viewing a piece of real estate.  This effectively develops a deeper cognitive connection that resonates with the buyers points of interest.

The slider feature also offers an option to embed a 360 degree virtual video of your most exclusive properties.

30 year Tri Layer asphalt shingle roof.  Installed in 2010.  Extended warranty available.
10 acres of natural wooded area.  Great for the outdoor enthusiast.  Great for recreational vehicles, hunting and fishing.
Fully irrigated landscaping featuring flowers trees and shrubery that bloom with every season.
Tranquil waterfall experience with a private grotto area.   Perfect for entertaining guest.
The pool contains a total of 6 mantie style seating areas.
Beautiful marbled sment work with slip resistant texture.
Full Bar utilities with a brilliant black marble surface. Perfect for entertaining your closest friends.
Enjoy beautiful oak accents throughout the room with it's included furnishing.
Hand Crafted lamp shades by ABC Craftsman.  There's a lot of character in this home.
A grand entrance window allows for plenty of natural light with in this beautiful country side home.
High energy efficient windows throughout the home.  Installed in 2011 with a 15year warranty.
Beautiful natural stone fascia.  Installed by ABC Company.
Vido Production Detroit
360 degree video capable.
Vido Production Detroit

Search Engine Optimize  City Specific Property Pages

The utilization of dynamic URL structures and content driven property pages ensures that all of our custom websites are setup for SEO success. Optimize your website for key terms such as : “Homes for sale in Houston Texas” or “Beachfront Property for Sale in Northern Michigan” The unique format of our property page allows the publication of highly optimized content specific to both search queries as well as properties displayed on that specific page.

Enhance Property Appeal by Showcasing Community Attractions With Your Own Custom Maps

Many of your clients will be unfamiliar with the area they are searching for a home in. They may not be aware of the local city or any of the attractions that it has to offer. With our custom Google maps you can enable them fast access to information on restaurants, concert halls, parks, community centers, night life, and much more.

Promote Reviews

With enhanced links we help you build Local SEO and promote your business by linking your website directly to your Google Reviews with a autofill 5 star rating.

Brand Yourself With A Privately Hosted IDK

A big part of success in real estate comes from branding. This is why we urge you to stop sending clients away from your already branded website. By hosting your own IDX you will keep clients on your site longer which in turn will build a more cohesive and professional brand. Being redirected from a company website to some third party MLS is simply unprofessional and over all bad for brand development.

Mortgage Calculator | School Ratings & Walk Scores

Provide clients with hyper local insight through the use of School Ratings, Walk Scores, and Mortgage Calculators. Home buyers will often consider all three of these topics when buying a home. An agent or broker who can provide information on these areas will be of much higher value to their client.

RAW Data Based Market Reports

Arm yourself and make deals based on RAW market data. We provide you with up to date sale to list price ratios and 30 day backlogs of both newly listed and sold homes. No projections or guess work, simple hard facts.

Advanced Drag & Drop Editor

Take the reins of your website management with the world's most intuitive drag & drop editor and become a master of your own domain. With a user friendly interface you can easily make changes to content, update virtual tour pages, or create visually stunning blog post.

Live Chat Via Mobile Device

Live Chat is a great tool to quickly convert leads into appointments. It also provides the ability to reply to all chat request while on the go. With notification alerts to inbound chat request and the ability to respond via your mobile device, you can efficiently handle all web based leads at all times.

CRM & Autoresponder Integrations

Manage inbound leads with the ihomefinder CRM and Autoresponder email integrations. Or integrate inbound lead data with your choice CRM and receive  a text alert every time a new contact is submitted.

Develop long term customer relations with built in email autoresponders or integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact and many others. We set up systems that automatically place leads into category specific email campaigns.

Online Forms

Collect any type of information you can use to better serve your clients interest. Home or personal topic related, we assist in obtaining data that can be analyzed and used to curate advertising/marketing efforts.

Contact us today and take the first step in Real Estate Marketing Success!

Zapier | Internet Marketing Automation Software

Automate Your Business Management and Internet Marketing Task through the power of Zap's!

In today's digital world you would think that managing and marketing your business would be less difficult than it once was before the digital explosion happened. After all, digital applications are supposed to make things more efficient right?

Yet time and time again businesses are being crippled by either the lack of organization within their long term operational goals or by the inability to effectively manage the multitude of tasks that are involved in marketing a successful business. 

So why do these marketing and management processes still seem to be overwhelming ? 

It's hard to believe but the problem actually lies within the abundance of technologies available at our disposal.

Watch the video to learn more about Zaps! 

With so many options it can often be difficult when deciding between which  "new and improved" business tool to use.

​How Zapier  Automation Software Simplifies The Selection Process. 

Through the marriage of digital applications Zapier has created a network of unrelated apps and enabled them to compliment and communicate with each other. Creating automated workflows that would otherwise be impossible.  Now business owner will no longer have to search for the end all "All in one solution".

These "Zap's" will allow Michigan companies to not only continue using their current business tools but also combined the powers of them into one.  To get a general idea of how it works watch the provided video above.

If you're interested in acquiring any assistance in the development of your internet marketing or customer management solutions  we would be happy to assist.  With a skill set that goes beyond SEO and webdesign, Web Flux provides business with a multitude of marketing automation software services.  This includes creating Zaps! 

While there are literally hundreds of different apps and combinations, below we have provided a collection of our favorite Zaps that could be used to improve your business today. If you see one you like then give us a call and we can help you get it set up.  Or head on over to and check out the full list.  We would love to meet with you and discuss potential Zaps that we have not covered below. 

Note: Many Zaps have the ability to add filters.  Filters can turn a single Zap in to a diverse filtration system that operates on a rule based action sets.  ie:  "if this"  "then that" 

Social Marketing


Business Communications

Customer Managment

Silo’s and the role they play in local SEO

 Silo's and the role they play in WebSite SEO 

Weather your a business located in Detroit looking to expand your reach to the entire state of Michigan or a Michigan based business looking to target consumers in the Detroit area, Geo specific SEO Silos are going to provide the results you're in search of. 

If you're new to Search Engine Optimization methods you may be thinking, what the heck are Silo's.  Allow me to explain.  A website Silo refers to site structure, particularly  the manner in which web pages are linked to one another.  

An article written by Bruce Clay can provide a very detailed understanding of the Silo architecture methods.  I highly recommend reading it for a complete understanding as I will not be covering the fundamentals of silo building in this particular posting.   Instead let's discuss their advantages in Geo specific organic search results.  

A geo specific search result  is when some one searches for example
( Bike shops in detroit) and poof a handy list of detroit based bike shops appears in one of two places. 1. The Local Search Pack or  2. Geo specific organic results.  * Note: Search diagram.

The Problem:  What if your business   located in Detroit but you would like to sell your products online to Grand Rapids consumers.  How will your online shop be found in these out of area markets?  

FYI: If you're thinking the answer is: " The Local Search Pack", that is incorrect.   Local Search Packs are for locally verified business.  Thus if your not verified for that area you won't show up.  However that doesn't mean you can't rank organically!

To illustrate let's say you're running a bike shop in Detroit Michigan and you cater to the local residents for all their bicycle needs. While doing so  you would also like to expand your geographic reach and   target the Grand Rapids area for your online sales.

 To begin, it's important to understand that without SEO you will not rank for any organic search traffic, no if ands or butts.    However by applying search engine optimization methods such as  Schema Markup and a geo specific Silo Architecture your are much more likely to be found in geo specific organic search results. 

​So to answer the question.  How will customers find your online Detroit bike shop in Grand Rapids? 

SEO Silo Template

Search-Engine Result Diagram 

We recommend you construct Geo specific search term Silo's with high quality, and search term rich landing pages. (Landing pages will act as your top level parent page in the silo ).  From there you will link out to subpages or post that are theme focused in regard to Grand Rapids and the Bicycle industry.   Make sense?

 If you read the Bruce Clay post you will understand that Silo's work by breaking up your website into individual themes, which equates to the search terms  or keywords that you're attempting to rank for.  By creating highly relevant theme based silos that are geo specific,  your odds of being found for a Grand Rapds bike shop quiry increase exponentially and you could very well  dominate Google's organic local search results. 

Keep in mind that no SEO is guaranteed and it may take time with additional content.  But if you practice the Silo methods you can often achieve local exposure that will prove to be profitable.  

These are advanced optimization methods used by only the best Detroit SEO companies.    By building a crawlable web structure we can clearly communicate with search engines through theme based silo's.   Which enables them to fully understand what your website is about
which will increased levels of relevancy and allow your business to rank higher in relevant  SERP's.  

How to SEO a landing page in a  geo specific Silo architecture.

Start by creating landing pages for every city you would like to rank for and optimized those pages for search terms like Bicycle shops in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, or Traverse City for example.   Each of these pages should be rich with geo specific key words as well as the search term your trying to rank for.   

Within these pages you should have h2 h3 and h4 tags to break up your content into individual topics.   No need for an h1 if you're using wordpress as your page title is considered an h1 and having more than one h1 is not recommended.  Within each of these headers tags  you'll want to work in the targeted location and search term.  It's important to not over do it though as we will be marking up images as well as url's with the location and search term.  If you get overzealous your web page will look like spam and google won't rank it well.

Example: Search term is Chiropractors in Detroit.....  You may want to break it up a bit for the actual content.  Example:  Chiropractors services and the rehabilitative effects they have on  Detroit residents.  Its most important that it read naturally within the content even if it isn't an exact match. 

  Once you have produced some content that is not keyword packed you should add some pictures and embed a localize map.  Be sure to change the file names on all your images so they are relevant with Silo them or keyword.   So for example I may add a picture of a bike but will rename the file to (best-bike-shops-detroit.jpg. )  Now when a spider crawls the page they will read this image file and understand that your page and image is about detroit bike shops.  Note: use hyphens between your words NOT underscores as search engines read hyphens as spaces unlike underscores. 

​Most importantly is your url structure.  Your url should encompass the theme of your page and location.  Using the bike shop as an example you may use a url like this: or  .  

Use search tools such as Google's Keyword planner to determine what combination of keywords will work best for your page url.     Also NOT use (is,and,the,in) or words such as these in your urls as they are considered stop words and will be rejected by crawlers.  If using wordpress you may want to install a custom permalink editor so you have full control over your structure.  This is the permalink editor I use, Custom Permalinks. 

10 SEO Expert Tips

10 SEO Expert Tips for Small Businesses

10 SEO Expert Tips

Search Engine Optimization Simplified 

Search enging optimization companies handle a lot of different task  when  boosting website ranks.  It is because of this complexity that you may feel overwhelmed or have disconcerting feeling because you are subscribing to  a services that you don't completely understand.  

When  working with a web agency you should always seek 100% transparency.  Do to the fact that  there are many factors that go into the internet marketing process. 

We strive to provide a comprehensive understanding to all of our internet marketing strategies, SEO included.  Doing so helps us build long term high quality relationships with our clients.

How Easy Is SEO

Is SEO as easy as 1-2-3?  Not quit, but it also doesn't have to be rocket science either.  With a thorough understanding of the fundamental methods to SEO a small business owner could command their website  and search engine visibly.  

However its important to keep in mind,  a well experienced SEO /Web-design agency will always benefit your business in the long term as we have has fare more experience with what does, and does not work.  We also have  data base of resources and endless marketing tools  to pull data from, which can then be used to fine tune strategies.

Ten Fundamental Tips for SEO Success

First thing to understand is that SEO is a committed advertising investment.  Depending on you key terms and you subscribed action plan you should expect  to see results by the third month. Then much more substantial  results by month six.  

Below you will find our top 10 application methods that are proven to boost business pages to the first page of google for words that carrie a Moz keyword explorer difficulty ranking of 30 or more.  

You can see some of our personal SEO based case studies here.

Use these tips to your advantage.  Some are more basic concepts while others are a bit more technical and may require more explanation.  Stay tuned as we will soon be releasing more guides for the more advanced application methods.  Of if you like, give us a call and we can meet with you 1on1 to see how we can help. 

Web Design Tools | Episode 2 | Best free online graphics tool for web designers and artist

If your looking for free graphics tool for performing the best web design possible then is a great option.  While it may not feature as robust of a tool set or abilities as other subscription based platforms;  Pixlr is extremely advanced and will enable you to create professional graphics for your web-designs or print work. 

Features List

There are many different effects, settings and features that can be applied to your graphics some of which we have never used or are familiar with.  With that said we will cover a  list of concepts that we have use with in our own projects.  We hope these concept examples well assist you in creating a fundamental understanding of the platforms capabilities. 

  • Transparent PNG's
  • Text Effects
  • Crop Tool
  • Marquee Tool
  • Pencel
  • Erasor 
  • Gradient
  • Color Replace Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • Smudge Tool
  • Dodge Tool
  • Red Eye Removel Tool
  • Bloat Tool
  • Pinch Tool 
  • Color Picker
  • Color Replace Tool
  • Hand tool
  • Move tool
  • Lasso Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Paint Bucket
  • Clone Stamp
  • Drawing Tool
  • Sharpen tool 
  • Spung Tool
  • Burn Tool
  • Spot Heal
  • 28 Filters
  • 17 Adjustments
  • 28 Languages
  • 21 Layer Options

General Over View

The following video will provide a general overview of the different tools and functions available in the design platform.  

Image Cutting

Image Cutting

Image Cutting

Image Cutting

SEO and PPC Managment Case Studies

Case Study 1 | Medical Transportation Business

Note: These results were produced with intermittent monthly SEO services. Because of this the produced results were stretched over a longer period of time.

Marketing Goals

The marketing goals  ​were to improve SEO rankings for industry specific key terms on a local level and produce inbound calls via Adwords PPC Management. 

Top 3 Target SEO Key Terms

*Results based on a local level search​

Wheelchair Transportation 

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 


Page 2

Page 1

Page 1

Local Search Pack


Pos 8

Pos 4

Pos 3

Medical Transportation

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 


Page 2

Page 2

Page 1

Local Search Pack



Pos 6

Pos 2

Handicap Transportation

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 


Page 2

Page 1

Page 1

Local Search Pack

Pos 8

Pos 6

Pos 3

Pos 1

Adwords PPC Management (Three Month Time Line)

 Ad Spend:   1,005.00  
 Placed Phone Calls: 91
 Phone Calls That Lasted Longer Than 45seconds: 54 calls

Life Time: Assuming every call that lasted more than 45 seconds was converted into new client appointment booking and that the average life time client value is $150 we produced nearly a 402% return.  

Results: 54x$150= $4050
Life Time ROI= $4050/1005= 402% ROI

Current Time  : Assuming of those 54 calls the average trip cost was $40 we produced a 214% return. 
Results: 54x$40= $2160
Current ROI= $2160/$1005=214% ROI

Case Study 2 | Garage Door Repair Compnay
Note: These results were produced with  intermittent monthly SEO services.  Because of this the produced results were stretched over a longer period of time. 

Marketing Goals

The marketing goals ​were to improve SEO rankings for geo specific key terms and produce inbound calls via Adwords PPC Management. 

Top 3 Target SEO Key Terms

Garage Door Spring Repair Canton MI

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 


Page 2

Page 1

Page 1

Local Search Pack




Pos 7

Garage Door Repair Ann Arbor

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 

Page 2

Page 1

Page 1

Page 1

Local Search Pack

Pos 5

Pos 3

Pos 3

Pos 1

Garage Door Repair Troy MI

Original Rank

Three Months

Six Months

One Year

Organic Results 


Page 2

Page 1

Page 1

Local Search Pack

Pos 8

Pos 4

Pos 3

Pos 3

Adwords PPC Management (Two Month Time Line)

 Ad Spend:   1,865.00  
 Placed Phone Calls: 70
 Phone Calls That Lasted Longer Than 60 seconds: 26 calls

Life Time ROI: Assuming every call that lasted more than 60 seconds was converted into new client appointment booking and that the average life time client value is $250 we produced nearly a 348% return.  

Results: 26x$250= $6500
Return: $6500/$1865 = 348% ROI

Current Time ROI : Assuming of those 26 calls the average trip cost was $150 we produced a 209% return.
Results 26x$150= $3900
Return: $3900/$1865= 209% ROI

Web Design Tools | Episode 1 | Color Picking Tool

Color Pickers: Making the process of web design hassle free

Whether your a professional graphic artist, website designer, or just a small business who activly managers their own website, there are usually  a lot of tools needed for the process.  In this episode of web-design tools we are going to highlight a color picking app that  has become very handy in our own design processes. 

Are you utilizing your google chrome app store

Well if our not your should shop around.  The google app store is filled with a tun of free app's and tools that help with all different types web development processes.  This is exactly where we picked up our handy little color picker


If you've ever done any substantial amount of design work or care about making sure your #value color codes match up and correlate across our site you know what a pain it can be to jump between programs doing color drop look ups. 

This is exactly what we were doing before discovernig the handy tool.  We wold jump between our website and (Another great FREE graphic design tool) taking screen shots and then opening and looking them up in pixlr.  Needless to say this process became cumbersome real fast. 

​Whats so great about this color picker?

While there are many different option you could choose from when looking for this design tool we like this one for three primay factors. 

  1.  While you can install it one your Mac you can also add it as and extension on your chrome browser.  Since we do most of our web design work in chrome this was nice.
  2. The color picker provides a nice pixulated explosion pop up of the area your testing, this was handy for getting precice in our drops. 
  3. Lastly it was super quick and easy to use.  Three click of the mouse and we had our # value color code.

Bottom line if your looking to for a handy color picker that can scale across the web this one is a great option.   No need to scour the web looking for another options.  We landed on this one and will stick with it. 

Web Flux Marketing | Non-Profit | Digital Out Reach

Digital Out Reach  | What It's All About

Web Flux is excited to announce our Digital Out Reach program.   DOR  provides local non-profit organizations that have an out of date website design or one that isn't mobile friendly, with the necessary technology and support that will help sustain thier online operations far into the future.  

The program also includes opportunity for young adults or inspiring individuals that are involved in such non-profits to have their own website hosted on a professional platform, with all the necessary softwares needed to develop thier own online identity.  

​Why we are offering the program

Web Flux Marketing and our values encompass the idea of operating for the better good while being able to provide opportunity for others.  So by using our skill-set and resources we hope to play an active roll in the development of our own community by helping non-profit organizations that need assistance or individuals in those organizations that aspire to learn more about Web Design but lacked the resources to do so.

If your a non-profit or your an individual who is interested in entrepreneurship of any kind or specifically web design,  we want to work with you.  We will provide a website installation that has all the same tools we use  and softwares needed to effectively establish your self on the web.  

What are the goals of DOR

It is our goal to to help  non-profits improve their online identity by providing an aesthetically pleasing website design while adding any necessary tools that will assist them in communicating thier message or services to prospective audiences.  

It is also our goal to provide young adults with an outlet for expression or be a supporting factor in thier endeavors by providing a platform that will be used to publish digital content or support them in the pursuit of entrepreneurship. 

Does the program have any cost associated 

As much as we would like to provide these services at no cost , we do have to set a minim operational cost for each project.  This enables us to effectively provide the service while still being charitable.  

Non-Profits Cost:
Web Flux is providing complete redesign of your current website for a discount hourly rate of $15 per hour
 (Average Web Design Per Cost = $30 to $60 per hour).   Since we are doing only a redesign of your website the time line on development is significantly reduced.  It is our goal to convert your current website in as few hours as possible costing you less.   Smaller website will have shorter time lines as larger websites will have longer timelines.  

Young Adults or Individual Cost:
The cost for young adults or inspiring individuals is $50 annually.  This provides them unlimited access to their web platform with over $500 of software value.  Any special software feature request will be submitted and approved on a case by case basis.  Otherwise websites will operate with the standard softwares provided at initial setup. 

Provided training

We are still looking for a free or low cost venue that offers wifi and computer access to be able to put on web design workshops.   Once we have established a viable location we plan to host 3 two hour workshops that will effectively provide enough information about the softwares to enable you to to easily maintain or build your website with no assistance needed.   

If no venue can be secured then instruction will take place via you tube videos. 

Interested Parties

If your an interested individual or organization please fill out the form below and a Web Flux member will contact you with further details.  

Do you have something to say?  Leave a comment below.

SEO | Web-Design Company | Consultant Service | Lesson #1

SEO and Web Design Course Agenda 

Website Silo Architecture
- Key Word Themes
- Optimized Blog Category Static Page (Parent Page)
- Blog Post (Child Pages)
- Direct Vertical Linking
- (Local Targeting)  

On Page SEO
-Title Tage
     -Custom Perma LInk
-Header Tags
    - H1 , H2 , H3
-Image File Optimization
     - Ault Atraabutes 
     - Discriptions, Tags
     - Geo Tags
     - Flicker embeding 
- Key word placement
- Anchor Text Linking

Back Link Sourcing
- Guest Post Services an Options

- Linking Methods
     - Contextual Key Word Mix
     - Deep Linking Benefits

Local Directory Optimization
   -MOZ, Yext, 
   - By Hand Options
   - Complete Profile Options

Search Console Management
     - Site Map Submission
     - Fetch URL's 
     - De indexing Options

Local MI SEO Company | 5-Star Google Review Tool

Improve Local SEO with 5-Star Google Reviews

 Did you know that Google Reviews actually improve your brand credibility while increasing your business’s ranking in the Local Search Pack? It’s true!

The Credibility Factor....

If your a savvy web user/shopper you know that when it comes to deciding on which business to make a purchase from, reviews can often play a big factor. 

 Thats because reviews are generally unbiased and closer to a true representation of the product/service experience.  There not just some fluff that the company wants to sell you on.  When in a split decision shoppers will often rely on a business's reviews before they commit to any further action.

The Ranking Factor....

Reviews also improved Local Search Engine Optimization.  According to MOZ, a leader in the Local-SEO industry.  After performing an indeempth study in 2017, they concluded that a business's listing position in the local search pack rankings is 13.31% dependent on the number and quality of reviews submitted under that business's profile.   Thats a big chunk of (SEO) change!

Whats the take away.....?

More reviews creates for stronger credibility and improved search rankings which equals greater exposer and more opportunity for new customer acquisition.  Its a win-win for the customer and the business.

This is exactly why we want to help you build up more reviews.

Easier said than done right? 

Asking customers for a review can often feel like asking your child to clean their room. The customer always says, “Sure!! I’ll do it as soon as I get home!!!” As we all know though the promised review usually never happens, just like the room never gets cleaned.

Customers either forget or find it to be a too much of a hassle when trying to find the right review link and as a result they easily give up. That is where I can help!​ 

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step #1 Submit your business information
Step #2 We build you a Custom 5-Star Google link
Step #3  You email/text the customer your custom link asking for the promised review or have it displayed with a call out button on your website.  Just Like the one below.

When a customer clicks the custom link they will be redirected to your Google Review pop-up which auto populates a 5-Star Rating!
By streamlining the process we increase the likelihood for you business to receive more successful review submissions.

Receive A Custom Link by Submitting
Your Business Information Below 

Turn around time for link build out is between 24 and 48 hours.  As soon as we have your link finished we will email it to you right away.  

*By submitting your information you agree to receive material from Web Flux Marketing.  

How To Choose The Best Michigan SEO Company

Choosing The Right Michigan SEO Company

Selecting a SEO Company to represent your business on the web is a big decision and will have long term effects on your companies search engine visibility.  While many SEO Companies often charge thousands of dollars per month for their services, we do not.  We understand that the benefits of SEO for a business are huge however the high expense can also be a burden when balancing your budget. 

Web Flux Marketing has recognized this burden and we have appropriately constructed an affordable SEO Service package that encompass all the big firm strategies into a scalable plan  that is affordable for small to mid sized business.

Through our strategic local SEO  approach, our search engine optimization process will increase your business's online visibility on a local level.  Resulting in more website traffic and increased sales opportunities for your business.  

What makes Web Flux one of the best
SEO Companies in Michigan

As a  SEO Company in Michigan we strive to break the application processes down for your small business in a comprehensive way.  Yes, the objective of Search engine optimization is to rank you higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  

However in an effort to bring clarity to our clients in regard to work performed, we provide businesses with a detailed understanding of how SEO works.  Below you will find some broad application based topics, that facilitate and support the actual SEO process.  

Through a high level approach, we break Search Engine Optimization down into two condensed categories, on page SEO and off page SEO.  Take the time to educate yourself with the provided links before choosing which internet marketing company to work with.

On Page SEO

When preforming on page SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

Off Page SEO / Local SEO

When preforming Local SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

Local Michigan SEO Companies

Even though we didn't go into  detail about the SEO processes on this particular post, if  follow the previously provided lightbulb links you will find more detailed information on each topic.

 Or if you like, a Web Flux agent would be happy to meet with you and go over our processes and how they may be able to affect your business online visibility.    Having a base knowledge to pull from when discussing future marketing  with Michigan SEO companies is always to your advantage.