Digital Marketing | Our three step process for success

There are many different types of digital marketing channels that a small business could implement within their online marketing plan.  The top three that we recommend and assist our clients with are Website Designs, SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization), and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management/conversion tracking for Adwords and Facebook platforms. 

Step One: Website Design Evaluation  

When working with any business we first evaluate the company's website design.  The determining factors that would indicate the need for further website development will vary on a case by case basis.   Topics could range from; is your site responsive meaning does it adjust and conform to all size devices; is it esthetically pleasing and compel the customer on a visual level that installs trust; does it have

Digital Marketing

quality sales copy and effective lead magnet offers or call to actions; or is it  properly structured for future SEO activities.  All these areas are to be considered before moving onward to more advanced internet marketing activity.

Step Two: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a long term marketing agenda that should be approached at a scalable rate.  Increased website rankings don't happen over night, the fact is Google can actually penalize your site if your go from 0 to 60 with your backlink profile.  Its better to create a slow drip back link profile that consist of both guest post and social media sharing.  

These two practices will create for a highly authoritative link profile which increases both website authority.  Backlinks and social shares act like a backbone to your google ranking ability and is the strongest supporting influencer of high search engine rankings.  We have a number of scalable plans to achieve this.  

Step Three: PPC Adwords Management (Pay-Per-Click)

​ PPC Adwords Management is a great way to jumpstart you businesses online marketing agenda.  As a complimentary service to SEO and Web Design, PPC services when done right can yield great returns in a short period of time.  We employ a comprehensive Google Adwords Management strategy to all campaigns that consist of the following: 

  • Call and website based ad performance tracking
  • Keyword research (Including negative and positive key word managment)
  • Bid optimization with multiple bidding strategies 
  • Re-marketing on display network
  • Campaign and ad group call outs/ad extensions
  • Geo specific targeting
  • Conversion based landing pages with promotional offers and "call-to-actions"
  • Google shop advertising

Through the application of these points we help business acieve positive ROI's and reduce ad spend on their PPC advertising efforts. 

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