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When did marketing your business become so complicated?  In the past advertising was a 2 step process.

Step 1: Creating compelling ad copy

Step 2: Choosing a high traffic media source that offered the best match for your target demographic.

Today digital media offers many more options and as a result the public perception of traditional media has declined.

Take this photo as an example.  More than 90% of U.S. Households have three or more devices pinging the internet at any time, some of which are being multi tasked by a single user.  Consequently, this increase in digital activity has clouded the effectiveness and reach of traditional forms of advertising.  Which makes getting your message out to consumers more challenging than ever before

Lets take a look at some statistics provided by a independent research site( eMarketer)on the amount of t time today's consumer actively engages with digital media compared to more traditional forms. 

With a 47 percent drop of time spent in print and a 63 percent upward trend in the use of digital, we can conclude that there is a tremendous amount of new opportunity to communicate your message and acquire new customers though digital media channels.

However, with that information comes a confusing question.  Why is the ratio of media spend so disproportionate?

According to market statistics digital vs traditional advertising spend holds a staggering 14 to 84 percent ratio difference.  With approximately 8.5 billion dollars spent on traditional advertising you could say "dollars don't make sense" after considering consumer engagement statistics. 

A survey taken by 2,000 small business owners provided some insight to why they have not taken the initiative in pursuing digital media advertising more aggressively .   Aside from having enough business these insights consist of various reasons and add up to a whooping 71 percent. A number that depicts an under served marketplace which is not utilizing a high traffic resource.

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