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Improve Local SEO with 5-Star Google Reviews

 Did you know that Google Reviews actually improve your brand credibility while increasing your business’s ranking in the Local Search Pack? It’s true!

The Credibility Factor....

If your a savvy web user/shopper you know that when it comes to deciding on which business to make a purchase from, reviews can often play a big factor. 

 Thats because reviews are generally unbiased and closer to a true representation of the product/service experience.  There not just some fluff that the company wants to sell you on.  When in a split decision shoppers will often rely on a business's reviews before they commit to any further action.

The Ranking Factor....

Reviews also improved Local Search Engine Optimization.  According to MOZ, a leader in the Local-SEO industry.  After performing an indeempth study in 2017, they concluded that a business's listing position in the local search pack rankings is 13.31% dependent on the number and quality of reviews submitted under that business's profile.   Thats a big chunk of (SEO) change!

Whats the take away.....?

More reviews creates for stronger credibility and improved search rankings which equals greater exposer and more opportunity for new customer acquisition.  Its a win-win for the customer and the business.

This is exactly why we want to help you build up more reviews.

Easier said than done right? 

Asking customers for a review can often feel like asking your child to clean their room. The customer always says, “Sure!! I’ll do it as soon as I get home!!!” As we all know though the promised review usually never happens, just like the room never gets cleaned.

Customers either forget or find it to be a too much of a hassle when trying to find the right review link and as a result they easily give up. That is where I can help!​ 

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step #1 Submit your business information
Step #2 We build you a Custom 5-Star Google link
Step #3  You email/text the customer your custom link asking for the promised review or have it displayed with a call out button on your website.  Just Like the one below.

When a customer clicks the custom link they will be redirected to your Google Review pop-up which auto populates a 5-Star Rating!
By streamlining the process we increase the likelihood for you business to receive more successful review submissions.

Receive A Custom Link by Submitting
Your Business Information Below 

Turn around time for link build out is between 24 and 48 hours.  As soon as we have your link finished we will email it to you right away.  

*By submitting your information you agree to receive material from Web Flux Marketing.  

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