Automate Your Business Management and Internet Marketing Task through the power of Zap's!

In today's digital world you would think that managing and marketing your business would be less difficult than it once was before the digital explosion happened. After all, digital applications are supposed to make things more efficient right?

Yet time and time again businesses are being crippled by either the lack of organization within their long term operational goals or by the inability to effectively manage the multitude of tasks that are involved in marketing a successful business. 

So why do these marketing and management processes still seem to be overwhelming ? 

It's hard to believe but the problem actually lies within the abundance of technologies available at our disposal.

Watch the video to learn more about Zaps! 

With so many options it can often be difficult when deciding between which  "new and improved" business tool to use.

​How Zapier  Automation Software Simplifies The Selection Process. 

Through the marriage of digital applications Zapier has created a network of unrelated apps and enabled them to compliment and communicate with each other. Creating automated workflows that would otherwise be impossible.  Now business owner will no longer have to search for the end all "All in one solution".

These "Zap's" will allow Michigan companies to not only continue using their current business tools but also combined the powers of them into one.  To get a general idea of how it works watch the provided video above.

If you're interested in acquiring any assistance in the development of your digital marketing or customer management solutions  we would be happy to assist.  With a skill set that goes beyond SEO and webdesign, Web Flux provides business with a multitude of marketing automation software services.  This includes creating Zaps! 

While there are literally hundreds of different apps and combinations, below we have provided a collection of our favorite Zaps that could be used to improve your business today. If you see one you like then give us a call and we can help you get it set up.  Or head on over to and check out the full list.  We would love to meet with you and discuss potential Zaps that we have not covered below. 

Note: Many Zaps have the ability to add filters.  Filters can turn a single Zap in to a diverse filtration system that operates on a rule based action sets.  ie:  "if this"  "then that" 

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