How to know which adverting is really paying off

Stop spending your money with out knowing the return on investment! 

There are a couple of ways all business owners should be measuring their ad spend.
The first of the two is;

Call Rail​​

Call Tracking Marketing Services

Call Rail is an affordable solution that you or your web marketing team can use to better measure the volume of call traffic you receive from digital or print based advertising.  Call Rail can be applied and set up to measure several different data points.    

Measurable Data Point Include:

  1. Measure calls from any print based material 
  2. Measure Calls from Yelp, Facebook, Google Ads, Craigslist, or any other online website.
  3. Receive and measure text messages from any  campaign
  4. Quality metrics ( measure phone call length, record voice messages, apply tags to calls for better customer insight and management,Call Recording)
  5. Measure any PPC campaigns from Adwords or Bing

Call Rails features static numbers that are used in print and assigned dynamic numbers which can be used on your website.   Its important to know that you will always have the same numbers.  Unlike Google Adwords, were your number is always changing.  You own your number.  That way when a customer calls once, the number will always work for future use.

At a low price of only $3 a month you can effectively start measuring your ROI via phone tracking. 

The second of two is;



AffiliateWP is a wordpress based application that will allow you to track where customers are coming from via web form submissions.  

Unlike Call Rail, AffiliateWp offers feed back on partnered affiliates rather than paid advertisers.  

Whats the difference between partnered and paid?
Unlike  advertising where you pay for services, with affiliates you pay only for results. 

How Affiliates referrer people to you?

  1.  Direct affiliate links that you provide them
  2. By simply sharing your website content or blog via social channels : Affiliates can share your content on the 5 major social media channels with special tracking cookies.  
  3. By having a link on  or image file on their website

All of the social shares or links that affiliates publish are tracked once a customer clicks on them  and then submits a form or makes a purchase from your shop.  You are also able to track and easily pay the affiliate via mass PayPal payouts. 

If you want to make it fun you can even offer a more complete program that entails multi level payouts for when an affiliate recruits other affiliates.   Before you know it you could have an army of loyal customers doing your marking for you.  

Affiliate software is a great investment as it has a Proof-of-Work pay structure, and is something you can grow, which enables you to achieve  higher returns when compared to any other paid advertising. 

For more information on either of these two solutions contact us. 

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Don't wast another dollar with out measurement. Let us help you in measuring your marketing success.   

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