The Best Real Estate Web Package For Your Dollar!

The Best Real Estate Web Package For Your Dollar!

Looking for a website solution with a custom look, integrated CRM, or an automated marketing system that doesn't cost you or your company $10,000? We can help!
Winter Sale Starting At: $3,200 | Don't have the upfront cash? Ask as about installment plans.
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We use a proven IDX software for increasing customer engagement and referrals. 

Free Life Time Updates!

We believe that a company should invest in their clients success.  Thats why every time WebFlux releases a new custom feature or website template you get it for FREE, no purchase necessary. 

Real Estate Websites

Our real estate website design offers a robust set of marketing tools and advanced virtual slideshows for showcasing your most desirable properties. We have also paired these websites with a premium IDX software by ihomefinder and our effective SEO web structure. These components ensure that real estate agents/brokers will better serve their clients and stand out from competitors. 

Custom Designs

There is a lot to be said about first impressions. It is very important that a client's first encounter with your website leaves an outstanding impact. This may be your only opportunity to capture contact information, potentially gaining a client. Each of our websites are handcrafted to provide a personal experience that first time visitors will value, trust, and resonate with.

Facebook Remarketing

Keep your brand Top Of Mind with Targeted Remarketing. This marketing tool will trigger advertisements to only the people who visit your website or view specific property pages. We can help you set up all the proper javascript needed to get up and running with highly targeted social media advertising. This is included in our monthly service plan.

Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Managment

Keep Clients Informed With Email Alerts 

Be More Assertive With Text Notifications

Built in Drip Email Marketing

Gain Hyper Insight With Lead "Search Data"

CRM Included or Get Integrated 

Multi Agent Supported Showing Request 

Powerful Property Search Functions 

Allow Clients to Save Search Favorites 

Gain Hyper Local Insight With Live Market Reports

Geo Specific Open House Listing Feed 

Easy Listing Updates With Direct MLS Access

5 Different Search Options Clients Will Love

Dedicated Support Services

With dedicated support services you can rest assured that your clients IDX experience is always delivered at the highest possible standards and reflects a professional brand image that is superior to others. 

Give Virtual Tours With Hot Spots & 360 Degree Video

Showcase properties in a unique way using little white dots known as Hotspots.  With the right information, Hotspots can be used to strengthen a property's appeal to the buyer’s logical and emotional based purchasing behaviors.

By highlighting all the unique details that would not normally be listed in a standard property information report, you can prolong the time spent viewing a piece of real estate.  This effectively develops a deeper cognitive connection that resonates with the buyers points of interest.

The slider feature also offers an option to embed a 360 degree virtual video of your most exclusive properties.

30 year Tri Layer asphalt shingle roof.  Installed in 2010.  Extended warranty available.
10 acres of natural wooded area.  Great for the outdoor enthusiast.  Great for recreational vehicles, hunting and fishing.
Fully irrigated landscaping featuring flowers trees and shrubery that bloom with every season.
Tranquil waterfall experience with a private grotto area.   Perfect for entertaining guest.
The pool contains a total of 6 mantie style seating areas.
Beautiful marbled sment work with slip resistant texture.
Full Bar utilities with a brilliant black marble surface. Perfect for entertaining your closest friends.
Enjoy beautiful oak accents throughout the room with it's included furnishing.
Hand Crafted lamp shades by ABC Craftsman.  There's a lot of character in this home.
A grand entrance window allows for plenty of natural light with in this beautiful country side home.
High energy efficient windows throughout the home.  Installed in 2011 with a 15year warranty.
Beautiful natural stone fascia.  Installed by ABC Company.
Vido Production Detroit
360 degree video capable.
Vido Production Detroit

Search Engine Optimize  City Specific Property Pages

The utilization of dynamic URL structures and content driven property pages ensures that all of our custom websites are setup for SEO success. Optimize your website for key terms such as : “Homes for sale in Houston Texas” or “Beachfront Property for Sale in Northern Michigan” The unique format of our property page allows the publication of highly optimized content specific to both search queries as well as properties displayed on that specific page.

Enhance Property Appeal by Showcasing Community Attractions With Your Own Custom Maps

Many of your clients will be unfamiliar with the area they are searching for a home in. They may not be aware of the local city or any of the attractions that it has to offer. With our custom Google maps you can enable them fast access to information on restaurants, concert halls, parks, community centers, night life, and much more.

Promote Reviews

With enhanced links we help you build Local SEO and promote your business by linking your website directly to your Google Reviews with a autofill 5 star rating.

Brand Yourself With A Privately Hosted IDK

A big part of success in real estate comes from branding. This is why we urge you to stop sending clients away from your already branded website. By hosting your own IDX you will keep clients on your site longer which in turn will build a more cohesive and professional brand. Being redirected from a company website to some third party MLS is simply unprofessional and over all bad for brand development.

Mortgage Calculator | School Ratings & Walk Scores

Provide clients with hyper local insight through the use of School Ratings, Walk Scores, and Mortgage Calculators. Home buyers will often consider all three of these topics when buying a home. An agent or broker who can provide information on these areas will be of much higher value to their client.

RAW Data Based Market Reports

Arm yourself and make deals based on RAW market data. We provide you with up to date sale to list price ratios and 30 day backlogs of both newly listed and sold homes. No projections or guess work, simple hard facts.

Advanced Drag & Drop Editor

Take the reins of your website management with the world's most intuitive drag & drop editor and become a master of your own domain. With a user friendly interface you can easily make changes to content, update virtual tour pages, or create visually stunning blog post.

Live Chat Via Mobile Device

Live Chat is a great tool to quickly convert leads into appointments. It also provides the ability to reply to all chat request while on the go. With notification alerts to inbound chat request and the ability to respond via your mobile device, you can efficiently handle all web based leads at all times.

CRM & Autoresponder Integrations

Manage inbound leads with the ihomefinder CRM and Autoresponder email integrations. Or integrate inbound lead data with your choice CRM and receive  a text alert every time a new contact is submitted.

Develop long term customer relations with built in email autoresponders or integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact and many others. We set up systems that automatically place leads into category specific email campaigns.

Online Forms

Collect any type of information you can use to better serve your clients interest. Home or personal topic related, we assist in obtaining data that can be analyzed and used to curate advertising/marketing efforts.

Contact us today and take the first step in Real Estate Marketing Success!

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