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​OurWebsite-Design and SEO services optimize both Detroit and Michigan based businesses for geo specific search query terms. By honing in on specific terms we can increase businesses rankings organically and with in the Local Search Pack.

As a professional local SEO company we use the highest standards in delivering effectives SEO-services. We also establish and maintain a high level of communication with our clients regarding the optimization processes.

Detroit SEO Expert

In doing so we hope to bring clarity to our clients questions when executing the multitude of steps involved in the SEO process.

Our Michigan SEO Company offers a suite of Internet Marketing and search engine optimization services that will support your   website in achieving 
 first page Google Results.  

Get started with a SEO Website Design or Internet marketing package today!

Detroit Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Our PPC Agency provides Michigan companies a full spectrum of search-engine-optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising options. Using a comprehensive list of digital marketing services we build an online marketing agenda that will sustain with the times.

SEO Website Design Company

SEO Website Design

The first impression can be a make or break for your company when acquiring new customers. A website that reflects a professional image and has effective call to actions will prove to convert more visitors into paying customers.

What to expect from Web Flux - Detroit SEO

When working with Detroit companies and Michigan based businesses, we understand the importance of search-engine-optimization and the role that SEO will play within your internet marketing strategy.

While PPC services are great way to quickly attract highly qualified leads and jump start your website traffic; it is the organic and local optimization of your business that will create for long term success.

By applying a balanced package of SEO, PPC Management, and NAP submissions to Local Business directories we touch on all the hot points that Google considers for high quality rankings.

Creating a Google My Business or being listed on maps alone is no longer sufficient in a todays growing digital eco system. There are more businesses online than ever before which makes it more difficult to become noticed. SEO is the solution for this long term sustainability.

Detroit SEO

Michigan SEO Company and Web Design Services

Best Reputation Management Software For Small Business

Website Functionality Options

Working with local businesses we install useful website functionality along with providing effective SEO and Web-Design services for Real-Estate, Restaurants, and Service-Based industries.

Our company works hard to provide comprehensive applications to better serve our clients individual needs.  In doing so we are able to confidently help each business reach their companies personal goals.

  • Restaurant Ordering App's
  • Advancded Web Form Creation/Data Collection
  • Automated Social Blog Posting
  • CRM Software Integrations
  • Lead Capture & Conversion Tracking Systems  
  • Online Service Scheduling/Booking
  • Mobile Integrated
    Live Chat Support App's
  • Automated Email Campaign Integration
  • IDX Software

Have a question or need a special functionality added to your website?

Web-Design/SEO Company Reviews -Michigan

Detroit Michigan SEO/Website Design Company – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star Reviews

SEO Service, Web Design, PPC Advertising, Detroit MI- “Web Flux is great he was able to improve my Website SEO rankings organically and locally in the matter of four short months, very smart guy, knows his stuff. Great all around company, always picks up the phone when I call, very good communication. Highly recommend!”

Metro Detroit SEO Results

Working with local businesses we have proven results when it comes to implementing SEO services that will get you ranked on the first page in competitive markets like Metro Detroit.

​How we do it:

As a top Michigan SEO-company we craft unique, content driven landing pages just like this one, which are designed to gain the attention of search engines and customers alike when a local search is performed. All while highlighting your services or products along the way.

All of our methods are based on study, and proven to produce results that place businesses on the first page of search engines more often  for their target keyword searches.

Through professional website design, SEO, optimized blog publication, PPC Advertising, and Local Business citations we will get you to the first page.

Have questions? Give us a call or submit a contact request. We would love to hear about your business and discuss how we could be a fit.

Scalable SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing

Our scalable SEO pricing allows businesses more flexibility and enables them to better adjust their search optimization budget to fit thier needs.

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Search Engine Optimization Simplified 

Search enging optimization companies handle a lot of different task  when  boosting website ranks.  It is because of this complexity that you may feel overwhelmed or have disconcerting types of feelings.  We understand this and have made sure to address it.  After all, when subscribing to a service like SEO, business owners should feel comfortable in what they are paying for.  Thus by applying communication that creates for a better understanding of the process we can accomplish such assurance. Do to the fact that there are many factors that go into the internet marketing process we always seek 100% transparency within the web-agency and client, relationship.  

We strive to provide a comprehensive understanding to all of our internet marketing strategies, SEO included.  Doing so helps us build long term high quality relationships with our clients.

How Easy Is SEO

Is SEO as easy as 1-2-3?  Not quit, but it also doesn't have to be rocket science either.  With a thorough understanding of the fundamental methods to SEO a small business owner could command their website  and search engine visibly.  However its important to keep in mind,  a well experienced SEO /Web-design agency will always benefit your business in the long term as we have fare more experience with what does, and does not work.  We also have  data base of resources and endless marketing tools  to pull data from, which can then be used to fine tune strategies.

Ten Fundamental Tips for SEO Success

First thing to understand is that SEO is a committed advertising investment.  Depending on you key terms and your subscribed action plan you should expect  to see results by the third month. Then much more substantial  results by month six.  Below you will find our top 10 application methods that are proven to boost business pages to the first page of google for words that carrie a Moz keyword explorer difficulty ranking of 30 or more.  You can see some of our personal SEO based case studies here.Use these tips to your advantage.  Some are more basic concepts while others are a bit more technical and may require more explanation.  Stay tuned as we will soon be releasing more guides for the more advanced application methods.  Of if you like, give us a call and we can meet with you 1on1 to see how we can help. 

10 SEO Expert Tips for Small Businesses – Web Flux | Michigan SEO Company

Choosing The Right Michigan SEO Company

 Selecting a SEO Company to represent your business on the web is a big decision and will have long term effects on your companies search engine visibility.  While many SEO Companies often charge thousands of dollars per month for their services, we do not.  We understand that the benefits of SEO for a business are huge however the high expense can also be a burden when balancing your budget. 

Web Flux Marketing has recognized this burden and we have appropriately constructed an affordable SEO Service package that encompass all the big firm strategies into a scalable plan  that is affordable for small to mid sized business.

Through our strategic local SEO  approach, our search engine optimization process will increase your business's online visibility on a local level.  Resulting in more website traffic and increased sales opportunities for your business.  

What makes Web Flux one of the best SEO Companies in Michigan

As a  SEO Company in Michigan we strive to break the application processes down for your small business in a comprehensive way.  Yes, the objective of Search engine optimization is to rank you higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).   However in an effort to bring clarity to our clients in regard to work performed, we provide businesses with a detailed understanding of how SEO works.  Below you will find some broad application based topics, that facilitate and support the actual SEO process.  Through a high level approach, we break Search Engine Optimization down into two condensed categories, on page SEO and off page SEO.  Take the time to educate yourself with the provided links before choosing which internet marketing company to work with.

On Page SEO

When preforming on page SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

Title Tag OptimizationHeader TagsClean UrlsContent Logo's and ImagesMobile Responsive 

Off Page SEO / Local SEO

When preforming Local SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

JSON-LD MarkupGeo Targeted Landing Pages CitationsSocial ProfilesLink Building

If  follow the previously provided lightbulb links you will find more detailed information on each topic.  Or if you like, a Web Flux agent would be happy to meet with you and go over our processes and how they may be able to affect your business's online visibility.    Having a base knowledge to pull from when discussing future marketing  with Michigan SEO companies is always to your advantage.   

How To Choose The Best Michigan SEO Company – Web Flux | Mi SEO