Choosing The Right Michigan SEO Company

Selecting a SEO Company to represent your business on the web is a big decision and will have long term effects on your companies search engine visibility.  While many SEO Companies often charge thousands of dollars per month for their services, we do not.  We understand that the benefits of SEO for a business are huge however the high expense can also be a burden when balancing your budget. 

Web Flux Marketing has recognized this burden and we have appropriately constructed an affordable SEO Service package that encompass all the big firm strategies into a scalable plan  that is affordable for small to mid sized business.

Through our strategic local SEO  approach, our search engine optimization process will increase your business's online visibility on a local level.  Resulting in more website traffic and increased sales opportunities for your business.  

What makes Web Flux one of the best
SEO Companies in Michigan

As a  SEO Company in Michigan we strive to break the application processes down for your small business in a comprehensive way.  Yes, the objective of Search engine optimization is to rank you higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  

However in an effort to bring clarity to our clients in regard to work performed, we provide businesses with a detailed understanding of how SEO works.  Below you will find some broad application based topics, that facilitate and support the actual SEO process.  

Through a high level approach, we break Search Engine Optimization down into two condensed categories, on page SEO and off page SEO.  Take the time to educate yourself with the provided links before choosing which internet marketing company to work with.

On Page SEO

When preforming on page SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

Off Page SEO / Local SEO

When preforming Local SEO we cover the following bullet point topics.  Follow the Light Bulb links for more information on each topic.

Local Michigan SEO Companies

If  follow the previously provided lightbulb links you will find more detailed information on each topic.

 Or if you like, a Web Flux agent would be happy to meet with you and go over our processes and how they may be able to affect your business's online visibility.    Having a base knowledge to pull from when discussing future marketing  with Michigan SEO companies is always to your advantage.   

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